Pride Wellness

LGBTQ Wellness-We give back. $1 buck from every purchase goes to the Los Angeles LGBT center for Senior Living.

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Buck Angel & Leon Mostovoy Pride Wellness Founders

PAST STRENGTH FUTURE WELLNESSPride Wellness supports general well-being and community health. Created with the LGBTQ community in mind, Pride Wellness products are designed to help mood, anxiety, sleep difficulties, pain and other conditions. Its also perfect for those that want to kick back and enjoy! Free of narcotics.Please feel free to contact us with questions. We produce quality award winning vapes. Our products are made with you in mind.

Transformation CBD Drink Mix

We have created the perfect cocktail. This CBD mix is made specifically for your bar or restaurant to create your signature CBD Mocktail or cocktail. Transformation mix is sold to restaurants in 32oz bottles. Dosing is 10mg per 1 ml. We provide a 1-milliliter eye dropper with each bottle for consistence dosing. Contact us and we can help you to make your signature CBD drink.

Buck's Balm CBD Infused Topical Balm

Buck’s Balm is infused with 100mg pure hemp derived cbd isolate and made with high quality all natural ingredients. Lab tested to ensure potency and meet the highest safety standards. There is zero THC in our products. For use on all your body parts, temples to toes. Some CBD Benefits Include: Anti-inflammatory Anti-Fungal Pain Relief Anti-Anxiety Antioxidant Buck’s Balm is fast acting and made from high quality organic beeswax, organic virgin oils and all natural essential oil blends. If you require more information on this product please reach out to us we will be happy to share.